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  4. thebadddestwolf replied to your post: thebadddestwolf replied to your post: …

    our feelings were removed when we declared independence. when british friends text me kisses i can’t even bring myself to send them back — i text <3s instead! also lolll your sarcasm failure is the best.

    hahaha ~culture shock. it’s funny because i use the <3s sparingly irl…think i only ever use them on here, actually (and when gchatting you and tk etc ofc)


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    Oct 20 7:59PM
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    One can easily imagine outtakes where they’re basically trying to climb into one another’s laps.

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    hahaha making that same face back @ you for that failed attempt at sarcasm. SORRY I WAS CONFUSED BY YOUR BRITISH TEXTING WAYS GODDD

    lmao do you guys not put kisses on the end of your texts?? what kind of unfeeling people are you???


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    me: what’s ‘that xx’? is that a film i should know about? me 2 minutes later: oh.


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  10. Get to know me meme

    I was tagged by tkross :)

    Name: Laura

    Nickname: Lou (my dad calls me this mainly, only a few other relatives do), and my stepsister sometimes calls me ‘Loz’

    Birthday: 30th April

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Bi

    Height: 5’8”

    Timezone: GMT

    What time and date is it there: 20th October, 18.29

    Average hours of sleep: varies anywhere between 5 and 8 tbh

    OTPs: doctor/rose is the ultimate, no other will compare etc, but also: danny/clara, jenny/clara, jack/ianto, hannah/hardy, hook/emma, robin hood/regina, bones/booth, beckett/castle, esposito/lanie, annie/eyal, neal caffrey/sara ellis, peter burke/elizabeth burke, nikki/vix

    (and then ofc my two rpf ships: david/billie circa 2006, and actual couple david/georgia because asfjlsdfhdfhdfhk best real life couple ever)

    First word that comes to mind: fiddlesticks

    Last thing I said to my family: 'yeah i saw the trailer for that xx' - in a text to my mum last night

    One place that makes me happy and why: my bedroom & living room in uni house, wrapped up warm, with a steaming cup of tea and biscuits and my laptop, relaxing and/or talking with friends. also, walking past the lake on my uni campus - it’s so pretty, especially in the autumn with all the orange leaves on the path etc. And also home because family. And London, specifically the West End, because the atmosphere is electric and I wish I could go there every week. Ok I failed at the ‘one place’ specificity of this question, oops.

    How many blankets do I sleep under: a duvet and sometimes an extra blanket; it’s cold here

    Favourite beverage: yorkshire tea, pear cider


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  14. Rev. Jamison performing a baptism

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Billie Piper arriving at Heathrow Airport (17.10.14)

    Billie Piper arriving at Heathrow Airport (17.10.14)

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