1. Billie reads a communication board of a fan that said she was the best companion but not to tell Jenna. [x]

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  2. I’m crazy about us.

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  3. fic: slow and steady, part 1/2

    Ten/Rose. This is a very, very belated birthday fic for the wonderful thebadddestwolf. Sorry it’s so late!!

    “Ouch,” grumbled the Doctor, as he straightened his posture. His hand moved to his lower back and he groaned a little.

    Rose swallowed the bit of toast she was chewing and asked, “You all right?”

    He’d been bending down to fetch something out of a cupboard in the galley when he’d felt the twinge. “Yeah. Just…” He rubbed at his back. “I dunno. My back’s killing me.”

    "I can help you with that, if you want," Rose offered casually, taking a sip of her tea.

    His eyes widened. “I’m sorry?”

    "Mum said I was really good at giving back massages. Even tried to get me to go on a course for it, and all that. Too expensive though. Still, luckily Keisha’s aunt was a trained masseuse, so she taught me some stuff for free.” She placed her mug on the table and stood up, walking over to him. “I’ll give you a demo, turn around."

    "No, no, it’s okay. I’ll be fine." He cleared his throat. "Thank you, though."

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  5. David Tennant at 2014 Summer TCA Tour for FOX's Gracepoint

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  7. primavega:

    David Tennant at the FOX Summer Television Critisc Association Press Tour, 20 July 2014

    UHQ: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

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  8. rose-tielr:

    "What if you were really old and really kind and alone—your whole race dead, no future. What could you do then?

    If you were that old and that kind, and the very last of your kind, you couldn’t just stand there and watch children cry.”

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  9. Anonymous asked:



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  10. Anonymous asked:
    I was wondering if you could help me I'm trying to find a Tentoo and Rose fic, i forget the name but its basically about Rose leaving Tentoo in the beginning, and going to India and then she comes back and theres loads of fluff. It's only a one-shot and I believe it's on Who-Fic.... I know it's out there and I just can't find it anywhere.

    Sorry, I don’t know! I don’t remember reading any like that, but hopefully someone will see this who has, and add their answer :)


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  11. Doctor Who Fest Day 6: favorite accessory of the Doctor - Ten’s new floral-themed ties after he lost Rose in Doomsday

    Ten’s post-Doomsday switch from geometric neckties to predominantly floral neckties gifset+commentfic (6/?)

    His fashion sense was impeccable in this new new body. As brilliant as him, in fact, and he made sure everything was a perfect fit before he’d wear it out—a slim suit for his foxy new build, and the ties—oh the ties! The pattern was sometimes a starburst to match his hair, or blue boxes to match the TARDIS. There was a spiraling whirlwind of possibilities in the patterns that would carry him and Rose running hand in hand anywhere… and everywhere.

    After that horrible day he lost her, there wasn’t a whirlwind inside him so much as a void. She was all he could think about, and she was gone… and so when he went to his wardrobe, there was only one pattern that caught his eye. And, well, it was still a perfect fit, wasn’t it? She always had been, after all.


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  13. Richard II (David Tennant) talking to Northumberland on the way to prison.

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    For the Prompt meme: Ten/Rose, concerned, soldier, Clean please :)


    The Rose who appears on the dark war-torn street with a gun under her arm and a smile on her face isn’t the same woman he burned up a sun for.

    It’s subtle, but she’s changed—hardened, almost—and she still has a quick grin but it’s slower, somehow. Her boots are black and her jaw sets tight and there’s something militaristic about her decision making, which makes sense, he supposes, considering.

    (Her eyes haven’t changed, though.)

    He’s afraid to ask what happened to her. Not that he has a chance to ask, anyway.

    Later, when the evil doers are undone and everyone is hugging and celebrating in the console room, he leads her into the hallway with a gentle hand on her elbow, fingers hardly ghosting purple leather.

    She looks at him and the years strip away.

    "I should have done more."

    He’s cradling her face in his hands and by the way she leans into his palm he has a feeling she understands all the ways he means it. 

    "You did what you could."

    She turns her head, kisses his lifeline.

    (The irony of the gesture isn’t lost.)

    "It wasn’t enough."

    He’s committing every inch of her face to memory; the curve of her nose, the swell of her lips, the gold-flecked honey of her irises.

    "Doesn’t matter — I’m here now, aren’t I?"

    There’s that grin again, slower to form, but just as sweet.

    Rather than answer, he kisses her and it’s all too much to catalog — the taste of her tongue, the tone of her sigh, the feel of her stomach against his hips.

    (He can’t tell her, not yet.)

    (He’s never been good at goodbye.)


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